Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look-Up Please

We get a lot of requests for look-ups and I post them either to the blog or forum, try to find additional information where I can, send countless letters to newspapers for obituaries and browse pictures of tombstones from all over the county sites. Below is a query from a lady looking for a look-up. If you are willing to do look-ups from books, newspapers or wander through cemeteries, please respond and I will list you on the website. It is all an interactive project and without your help, the task cannot be completed.


I noticed that you have listed only two areas of research with regard to
individuals willing to do look-ups. Is there anyone who does death/burial

I am looking for the burial place for Elizabeth Seibert Duncan Garrett (Mrs.
William Garrett) who was last found in the 1900 census living in Township
28, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. She died sometime prior to the 1910
census as her husband, William appears in the 1910 census as a widower but
in Pawnee. I've checked Pawnee for Elizabeth's burial but did not find it.
Not knowing OK history, I've concluded that she was living in 1900 in what
is now Washington County and that she likely died there. That is why I'm
contacting you about research.

If you would be so kind as to respond to my request for a look-up contact, I
would be most grateful. Thank you.

Carol Kreider